Peer Review Training Program

This program empowers early career scientists to actively participate in the peer review process. While we do provide training on the principles and best practices of peer review, we recognize that early career scientists have extensive scientific expertise. This program demonstrates that the leadership within the genetics community values their contributions and recognizes their expertise.

Program participants review actual manuscripts submitted to GENETICS and heir reviews are considered just as any review from an established investigator. One valuable aspect of the program design is the individualized feedback participants receive for each of the reviews they submit. So far, we’ve heard  positive feedback from participants and editors.

This program was the vision of outstanding leaders from the genetics community. We worked together to launch this program in August of 2017. It involved evaluating applicants, writing a training manual, developing virtual training sessions, coordinating with participants located around the world, testing the reviewer interface, and more. It was truly a collaborative team effort between GENETICS editors, staff, committee members, and participants.

Read about our program in the February 2018 issue of The Scientist.